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Giving Thanks For 3 Years In Business Thumbnail

Giving Thanks For 3 Years In Business

June 1st marked the three year birthday of Wacek Financial Planning. A lot has been overcome to grow the business into what it is today and I can attribute very little of the success to myself – I have much to be thankful for.

It has also become somewhat of tradition for me to make an annual blog post that gives a few shout-outs sharing my gratitude.

Thankful for God

I know it’s become kind of cliché, right – to thank God. But I truly must thank God for the lessons I have learned and the people that I’ve been able to impact because of my business. Before starting Wacek Financial Planning, I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur or someone who would like to build a business. I’ve found, however, that it has brought me far more joy than I ever could have imagined. A big part of this is that God is our example as “creator”, and I recognize that when I work to create and develop my business I am living in his image.

Thankful for my Clients

I’ve now worked with 89 clients in total and have 32 that I work with on an ongoing basis. To each of you… Thank you! Without you there would be no business to celebrate!

Not only am I thankful for the number of people I’ve been able to help, but that I get to work with AWESOME clients. They are vulnerable, desire to make changes, and allow me to serve as a trusted voice in their life – a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I view myself as being in the people business and happening to get to talk about money; rather than being in the money business and happening to get to serve people.

The types of people and range of questions that my clients ask me vary greatly, but the most common questions that I’ve been able to help my clients answer are:

  • Should I put my extra income toward paying down debt, saving for retirement, or saving for a house?

  • What is the best way to save for kids’ college education?

  • Can we afford to buy a house?

  • When can I retire?

  • When should I start Social Security?

  • How can I give generously to organizations that I am passionate about?

Thankful for my Family

I simply could not run my business without the unwavering and full support of my wife and daughters. They’ve had to make significant sacrifices for me to pursue the passion that I have of making financial planning accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Thank you, Bekah!

Thankful for Growing Awareness of Fee-Only Financial Planning

In the past year, the awareness around the term Fiduciary has grown significantly. This is a topic that I had the opportunity to comment on in a Wall Street Journal article last December. A big reason for the raised awareness of this term is because of the new DOL rule that just went into effect on June 9. As a result, significantly more people are looking to work with a fee-only financial planner. A fee-only planner is one who only ever gets paid directly from their client and never by commission. This model by and large removes any possible conflicts of interest because fee-only planners have always been held to the fiduciary standard. I’m thankful for the gravitation towards fee-only planning because I believe that clients are better served with this newer model and because I’ve had a significant increase in people who say they find me on Google when searching for a fee-only financial planner.

I have so much to be thankful for over the last three years. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead. If you feel that I could help you to create a financial roadmap that leads to achieving your financial goals then please reach out to me – the initial consultation is always free.