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You’ve given your life to the ministry.

Now let’s build a financial foundation to support it.

At Guide Financial Planning, we are committed to seeing people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Each member of our team is involved in leadership at their local church, but as a company, we decided that the best way we can serve the Kingdom is by serving its shepherds well.

When it comes to personal finance, pastors have a lot of unique opportunities. Between the minister’s housing allowance, the ability to opt out of Social Security, and tax issues like paying SECA and church withholdings, these advantages also make a pastor’s finances more complex and challenging.

Here is a free report on the 3 financial planning topics that are exclusive to pastors:

3 Financial Planning Topics Exclusive to Pastors

Learn about the ministerial housing allowance, Social Security exemption, and dual-status taxation.


If you need help digging deeper into your finances, we are here for you.

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