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3 Reasons To Pay For Services You Can Do Yourself Thumbnail

3 Reasons To Pay For Services You Can Do Yourself

Today marks an exciting day for Wacek Financial Planning as I am officially launching my business, my website, and my blog! Over the last several months I have taken several steps to get to this point and I have paid for a number of services along the way – most of which I could have done on my own to save money.   

To give some context, my wife and I are generally not excessive spenders. We regularly shop at four different grocery stores in or to get the best deals at each, we don’t have cable, and the average year that our two cars were manufactured is 2002.  

So why did I pay for services that I could have done on my own and why might it make sense for you to pay for services that you may be able to do on your own? I think there are three main reasons:

Someone Else Can Do It Better

There are people in this world that have more training, education, experience, skills, and who are just better at some things than you are. In certain circumstances, it is wise to pay for their expertise. 

Save Yourself Time 

There are only so many hours in the day and it may make sense to pay for some services that you can afford so that you are able to spend more time doing the things in life that you deeply value.

Help Someone Out 

A person or an organization may be looking to make money and you have an opportunity to help. For example, a high school youth group may have a car wash to raise money for a mission trip. Although you may be able to wash your car better, you may pay them in order to help them out.

What Services Did I Pay For When Starting My Business?

Company Logo. I hired Emily Ralph of The Skylark Studio to design the logo that you see on my website. Emily created a much better logo than I could have with my junior high art class education, and it was also a very small time investment on my part.  

Professional Pictures. Katie Kaszubski of Katie K. Photography took the pictures that I’ve used for my website, LinkedIn profile, and email account. Katie has professional equipment and knew exactly where to go in Minneapolis to get the types of pictures I was looking for. Plus, she had the edited pictures back to me the very next day!

Company Website. I hired David Needham of Enjoy Creativity to design the website that will be the first impression that many people will have of my company. David designed a masterpiece that I can easily update on my own and is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.  

Compliance Documents and Registration. As you may know, the financial services industry is highly regulated and following the rules is essential. To ensure things were done right and in an efficient manner, I hired Jim Cullen of Financial Planners Assistance to get me up and running.  

Each of the services listed above I could have accomplished on my own, but I got a much better result by paying someone else. I also saved a lot of time. Thank you, Emily, Katie, David, and Jim for all of your work!

What Services Do You Pay For That You Can Do Yourself?

What about you? Are there services that you pay for that you could do yourself? Are they for the same reasons that I suggest?  

What about your financial life? Are you stewarding your money well? Are you following a plan? Could hiring a financial planner help you do these things better? Could it free up your time so that you can focus on things in life that you’d rather be doing?

If you’re interested in learning more about what hiring a financial planner could do for you, schedule a call today!